The Arts Complex - Learning and Occupational Center

Our first Learning and Occupation Day Center was opened in collaboration with Alut - Israeli Society for Autistic Children, on December 2014 for adults (21+). It is located in Ramat Hasharon and “Kvutzat Hashavim” enlists professionally trained and experienced therapists.  Our counselor-participant ratio is 1:2 (in other existing facilities the
ratio is 1:4), a practice that enables our participants to benefit from significant and meaningful learning and creativity in a calm and supportive environment.
  • Our vision

    Our vision

    • The establishment of a creative community  of adults on
      the autistic spectrum involved in artistic and technological
    • The community will enable choice, self-realization, significant communication together with social and occupational  involvement in the community.
  • Our vision

    Our vision (continued)

    • The community will include people who function at all levels of the spectrum 
      each according to his own desires and capabilities.
    • The community will be committed to respect for autistic people and to their emotional and physical wellbeing.
    • The nucleus of the community will be the day center operating in Ramat Hasharon, opened Dec 1st, 2014 under Israel Ministry of welfare supervision. 
  • The rationale

    The rationale

    • Adults on the autistic spectrum have the right and the ability to realize their potential in all of the significant areas which comprise "the quality of life" for all human beings.
    • They have the right and ability to continue to learn, to develop, to communicate with others, to experience a variety of emotions, to develop preferences, to choose between alternatives and to develop their abilities.
    • When allowed to do all these things, they are able to integrate more fully, to contribute to the community and to receive something back.