• This fundraiser of is a collaboration of Israeli and American moms and cannabis advocates – Abigail Dar, Sharon Imberman and Mieko Hester-Perez – acting together to set up a Global informational center for safe and effective treatment of Medical Cannabis for Autism.

    We joined forces with Prof. Dedi Meiri data gathering project at the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research in the Israeli Technion, already started gathering data and tracking over 70 Israeli kids and adults that are treated with medical cannabis. In order to expand this research worldwide, for better understanding the strains that are most valuable/effective to treat our kids – we need your support.

    The Goal of this fundraiser is to extend the data-gathering project worldwide and make it a primary source toward setting up a
    global informational center regarding the Medical Cannabis treatment for Autism that will :

    • Make medical cannabis a safe and effective treatment for Autism
    • Make medical cannabis  accessible to ASD kids and adults who needs it worldwide
    • Gather data from those who already have access and are treated with different strains worldwide.
    • Promote objective and unbiased scientific research regarding the treatment and the strains most suitable for our kids.
    • Share evidence and outcomes that demonstrate improved quality of life for persons on the autism spectrum.
    • Create a more effective and efficient plan of action with treatment protocols.
    • Focus on each patient as a unique individual, not just an illness or a set of symptoms.
    • Work in partnership with patients and their families to make sure every decision takes into account their wants, needs and preferences.
    • Advocate for policies providing scientific information to facilitate support for families who have chosen this treatment option.
    • Educate policy makers, consumers, health care advocates

    Why do we need your funding/support?

    There are already few states around the world where kids and adults with autism have access to and treated with cannabis for Autism. But there's no one single reliable independent source who can gather the data expand our scientific understanding and provide guidance and treatment protocols to the professionals, careers and parents dealing with this innovative treatment.

    The first step toward that is funding a worldwide data gathering about cannabis and autism.

    About Us:

    Abigail Dar - an Israeli mom of three, Yuval, her oldest, is severely autistic and treated successfully with medical Cannabis after years of agony trying every anti-psychotic drug available. Dar is an activist promoting the rights and legislation of kids and adults with Autism in Israel via ALUT - the society for autistic children in Israel and Kvutzat Hashavim (The Group of Equals), an NPO that develops inclusive solutions for the severely autistic. Currently, she’s doing data-gathering for patients with severe autism in collaboration with Prof. Dedi Meiri at the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research in the Israeli Technion.


    Mieko Hester-Perez - International Special Needs Advocate, Co-founder to, Cannabis Scientific Adviser and Board member of the NORML Women's Alliance. In 2009, Mieko went public and with her son's, Joey, success with medical Cannabis treatment, and since that day, she has become a source of inspiration and information for families looking to explore unconventional and holistic treatment within the autistic spectrum.

    Joey's and Mieko's journey has been featured on several shows, including FOX Morning News, The Doctors, The Dr. Juan Rivera Show, NBC, CBS, Good Morning America, ABC 20/20, and the National Marijuana News. In April 2015, Mieko was named among some of the most influential women in the Cannabis movement by Skunk Magazine.

    Mieko: “In 2009, I expressed the need and obligation to the Autism community on the importance of a clinical trial on the American television now, in 2016 I feel honored to join this campaign to put the wheels in motion not only as a parent of a child diagnosed with autism but as Scientific Adviser Working towards solutions with strain development for persons on the autism spectrum”

    Sharon Imberman

    Sharon, A mother of 3, her Youngest is diagnosed with ASD and refractory epilepsy. After having great success with cannabis treatment for her son, she became a great advocate for cannabis treatment for children with severe illnesses. She successfully led the “struggle” for making Epilepsy a qualifying condition for the Israeli Medical Marijuana program and guiding over 250 parents of kids with untraceable epilepsy through the process of treating their kids with cannabis for seizures, working – with the leading doctors and researchers in Israel. Now actively involved in the promoting the treatment for severely ASD with cannabis and the data gathering project, consulting and guiding over 70 kids and adults with autism and behavioral challenges regarding strains, dosage and treatment in collaboration with Israeli doctors and researchers.

    For media inquiries and interviews, please write an email to Abigail - or Mieko Hester-Perez -

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